FreshForex Review

Account types Classic, Market Pro, ECN
Minimal account size Нет сегрегированных счетов
Minimal order size 0.01 lot
Spreads Fixed from 2 pips; floating from 0.9 pips
Payment methods WebMoney (WMR, WMZ, WME), WebMoney cards, Visa/Mastercard, LiqPay, bank transfer in RUB, regular bank transfer, RBK.Money, Yandex.Money, QIWI, WebMoney Check, EasyPay, cash WM dealer, ChronoPay, PayOnline
Trading software MT4, MT5, Web-terminal
Investment programs Нет сегрегированных счетов
Bonuses and contests Есть партнерская программа
BITCOIN FOREX BROKER Есть партнерская программа

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What is FreshForex essentially

The Company started operations in the year 2014. With each passing year, the Broker keeps improving and upgrading their technical instruments and the quality of offered services. The traders have an opportunity to efficiently use not only the most popular instruments in the field, but also receive high execution speed and trading precision while not risking much.

The Company contributes all of their resources to keep trading profitable. Their activities are conducted on the territory of the former Soviet Union. The franchises of the Company are located in each of these countries. If necessary, you can meet the Broker’s representatives vis-à-vis in any place.

Broker’s instruments and conditions

The key parameter of the Broker’s work is the speed of their transactions, as well as the opportunity to use additional features. The Company is especially prominent for using the system of Forex risk hedging. It is the latest technology on the Forex market to operate between various bank organizations.

This system allows you to execute your orders at a lightning-fast speed, as well as conduct any deals. By using this technology, you’ll be able to find the beneficial offer as fast as possible.

The partnership advantages

The Broker’s main advantages include this:

  • The orders are executed via the ‘Market Execution’ principle. It allows you to conduct deals very easily and without malfunctions.
  • SBT minimizes the spreads and allows you to transfer the deals into the Forex market at small volume.
  • The ability to use your own server at a tariff lower than the usual market price. During the first couple of days, the rent is free.
  • The system of bonuses which implies gifts, discounts and cash-back accumulation.
  • The fastest deposit and withdrawal speeds. By all accounts, the financial transfers only need about 10 minutes to go through. The Broker is partnered with several dozen popular payment systems, which ensures comfort for each trader.

The Broker also uses the special service called Easy Bot – it simplifies the process of getting income. This service is developed by the Broker on their own, and is a unique system. It provides traders with important tips. This advisor is ideal for the beginner traders.


The Broker’s experts offer their analytical forecasts built on fundamental and wave statistics of the Forex market. The Company’s website provides with some crucial news about the world economy. For traders, the specialists organize educative exercises on a regular basis

The algorithmic trading with the Broker is conducted under the most beneficial and comfortable conditions for each trader. The special technologies and schemes meant for efficient automated trading are separated into a special category on the website. This section gathers unique solutions, tips and advice. Some offers of the Company are provided for free.

In order to gain access to the trading advisors developed by the Broker’s experts in accordance to the statistical data, you’ll have to make a payment. You can’t find these online in free access. However, the Broker often provides special offers. After making a payment of a specific sum, the trader receives one of the highlighted advisors from the section free of charge.

In order to comply one’s own opinion of the Broker, the specialists advise you to take the reviews with a pinch of salt – they don’t always reflect the reality. The experts point out that the Broker offers a demo-account, as well as technical support, whose agents are always eager to answer your questions.

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