Global Alliance Review

Account types Mini, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, ECN
Minimal account size 250$
Minimal order size 0.01 lot
Spreads From 1 pips
Payment methods Visa/MasterCard bank cards, bank transfer, e-money wallet
Trading software Global Alliance
Investment programs Нет сегрегированных счетов
Bonuses and contests Нет сегрегированных счетов
BITCOINFOREX BROKER Есть партнерская программа

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Global Alliance broker gives you an opportunity to open up a trading account on the Forex market. The Company offers their traders a wide variety of work instruments, as well as a neat trading system.

Global Alliance advantages:

  • The Broker provides an access to the risks management system that allows you to control the risk level when trading stock and currencies, as well as protects a client’s funds from losses and unsanctioned usage.
  • Hundreds of companies are in the Broker’s assortment. This, for its part, allows the client to pick the most suitable Company, in their view. The list counts 300 companies in total. These operate on the Forex, CFDs and futures markets.
  • The minimal sum is 0$, you can trade any sum of money.
  • The profits are unlimited and compiled from the percentage of the commodity circulation from the opening of franchises and the development of partnership networks.

Global Alliances secures the access to the products of the world’s leading financial institutions, as well as provides reliable services. The Company is suitable for the independent trading and investing style.

Trading instruments

Global Alliance offers the products from these groups:

  • Banks cards;
  • Deposits;
  • Investment products;
  • Insurance products, brokerage services;
  • Investment portfolios management;
  • Credit unions;
  • Bonds;
  • Currency risks hedging;
  • Bank accounts;
  • Stock operating, etc.

The main instruments available to the clients are: currency pairs, precious metals, stock, cryptocurrency, commodities. Within the platform, the clients are able to open up their accounts in any currency.

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