Kiplar Review

Account types Student, Advanced, Specialist, Premium, VIP
Minimal account size 250 USD
Minimal order size 0,1 lot
Spreads Нет сегрегированных счетов
Payment methods Visa, Mastercard. Neteller, AMEX, Discover and others
Trading software MetaTrader 5
Investment programs Нет сегрегированных счетов
Bonuses and contests Нет сегрегированных счетов
BITCOIN FOREX BROKER Нет сегрегированных счетов

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Kiplar is a fresh arrival on the market. This Company attracts clients from all over the world. To improve the general comport of the website, the interface here is available in two languages: English and Russian. Most of the website clients are in Brazil, although lately the customers from Russia also started warming up to the Company.

Advantages of working with Kiplar

Although the Company has appeared on this market relatively recently, they’ve already proven themselves a reliable partner, the one whom you can trust. The upsides of working with Kiplar include:

  • Quick funds withdrawal – in the span of 3-5 workdays.
  • A modern data encryption model – it allows clients to not worry about their private information.
  • The 24/7 administration support in text format.
  • The education center for new clients.
  • Several account creation variants: from training to professional.

The word is conducted by the MT5 platform. It’s the latest investing model, characterized by the increased safety requirements and the confidentiality of the private client information.

Trading safety with Kiplar

The Broker is partners with many trusted companies with franchises all over the world, which is why the risk of fund loss is minimal here. Although the Company poses as an investments resource for all demographic groups, the website will be more suitable for seasoned traders, seeing how the sum minimally required to participate in purchases and sales is only 250 EUR.

The client data is encrypted with the help from special connection protocols. These are impossible to break. That’s why the information stays deeply confidential and is used exclusively for necessary bank operations.

Those advanced users who can deposit more than 2,500 USD get a chance to receive an individual manager to help create trading strategies. The funds withdrawal is conducted onto the bank cards or through such services as Neteller and Skrill.

Although the minimal deposit needed to start working isn’t as small, the leverage of 1:400 attracts both beginners and advanced traders. You could say that Kiplar is a promising start-up that can turn into one of the leading platforms of investment banking in time.

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