MaxiMarkets Review

Account types Mini, Standard, Gold, Platinum, ECN
Minimal account size $500
Minimal order size 0.1 lot
Spreads 0.4 pips minimum
Payment methods Bank transfers, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, Moneybookers, Golden Crown, Yandex.Money, Blitz, RBK money, QIWI wallet
Trading software MetaTrader 4 online platform, MaxiMarkets trading terminal
Investment programs Нет сегрегированных счетов
Bonuses and contests Есть партнерская программа
BITCOIN FOREX BROKER Есть партнерская программа

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MaxiMarkets – direct way to profits!

The MaxiMrkets Company was initially shown to their clients under another name, ‘MaxiForex’. And even then, they were working to reinforce their positions on the trading market. Some time later, it was decided to arrange a technical modernization effort and distance the Company from the previous name. With this renaming, the work methods surrounding the orders execution also changed. As a result, the market was given a Broker that follows a completely separate set of standards, while the modern brand became the Company’s face.

MaxiMarkets trading area

The customer focus was initially aimed at the traders from the countries of former Soviet Union, although it was later decided to enter the ranks of the International Forex Traders Union. The necessity was that there were some amongst the brokers who worked unlicensed, justifying the redundancy of the license with the fact that the complaints of private investors, whose deposits aren’t big enough, aren’t eligible for processing.

MaxiMarkets determines their place on the market as a Broker meant for masters of their trade. These are the traders who can reasonable estimate the risks. Those who can’t feasible do this and are only focused on getting easy money won’t enter this group when they see the minimal deposit required here.

The pay required to join the Company is $500 – a serious, professional sum of money. The website displays an abundance of advertisement, while the trading conditions aren’t fleshed out clearly. This may sound like a downside, but only before the trader contacts the Broker to get more information.

Following the Company policy (where the individual client approach is in priority), the information isn’t in the open access. The clients who contact the Broker can count on a manager who will select the best conditions individually, judging by the trader’s goals.

Advantages of working with MaxiMarkets

While interacting with the Company, the traders can enjoy these advantages:

  • The additional commission isn’t charged. The losses are only deducted as a spread difference.
  • A reliable analytical bloc, as well as the Company’s own business online TV.
  • Economic forecasts and the news calendar.
  • The funds are withdrawn without the commission, and it’s not limited by the size or time.
  • The ‘One-on-one’ program offers professional education.
  • The Autochartist advisor helps their clients increase their trading efficiency.
  • Thanks to the advanced Company technologies, the traders can choose between the terminal, the developed broker or the third-party terminals.

The training part is also not glossed over. The website provides their users a special section with a number of special articles, videos, and a terminology wordbook, as well as the answers to the frequently asked questions. Here, the user can also find other information with more details concerning the subject of trading.

Online, you can find a lot of loud claims that MaxiMarkets is a scam, among the multitude of websites. While persuading others in this, the users reference the arguments such as the malfunctioning withdrawal mechanism, the exchange rate problems, and so forth. Often, the main source of negative reviews is the insufficient attention on the traders’ part.

Sometimes, the users forget that the process of verification is executed only during the deposits, and never with withdrawals. Sometimes the platform itself adds to malfunctions, while the Broker has no blame in this. The causes to this can be various. It’s better to personally test the work in a demo-account and put less trust in the random reviews.

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