Saxo Bank Review

Account types Classic, Premium, Platinum
Minimal account size $10,000 (or the same amount of another currency)
Minimal order size 1,000
Spreads 0,1 pips and higher
Payment methods Bank transfer and credit cards
Trading software SaxoTraderGO, SaxoTrader
Investment programs SaxoSelect stock portfolios
Bonuses and contests Нет сегрегированных счетов
BITCOIN FOREX BROKER Нет сегрегированных счетов

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The Saxo Bank Company conducts online trading by using the special SaxoTrader program. This system is developed by the company itself. As extensions for the service, the Broker allows theireclients to use the Saxo WebTrader and Saxo MobileTrader systems. With their help, you can make deals via the familiar browser or a mobile device.

Clients from various countries of the world come to cooperate with the Company. The organizational headquarters are located in Copenhagen, where the general management of the trading platform is done. Also, the company has opened 12 offices in major cities of various countries.

Company advantages

The key advantages of the Company include:

  • Wide assortment of features and options.
  • Quick trading operations based on stream value with only one widget in use.
  • Simultaneous access to all available assets through a multicurrency account.
  • Highly professional trading platform developed by the Company. It’s way more advanced that what the competition has to offer, and it received awards several times.
  • Technical support available in various languages.
  • Client accounts are protected in accordance with the European laws.

Cooperation with the international banking organization.

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